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Gail Goldsmith is studying for a Master of Divinity at University of Chicago and may not get to write all her papers on sexuality, feminism, and kyriarchy in religion, but she will try to adapt. She moved from rural Virginia to follow her dreams in the big city, because she is kind of cheesy like that. She’s also on Twitter at @gailagoldsmith.
Gordon Lightfooted would rather not have his parents reading about his masturbatory fantasies. He’s real Gay, lives on the East Coast, and is currently engaged in the search for a Sugar Daddy. Serious inquiries please respond in the comment section.
Greg Sato is a graduate student in DePaul University’s Media and Cinema Studies program, and he works for the Department of Human Services and the Art Institute of Chicago.
Greg M. Schumaker lives, reads, writes, and drinks in Chicago. He received his M.A. in Writing and Publishing from DePaul. His new blog, Stop Stupid, seeks to aid in the war against the growing epidemic of public senselessness.
Hannah J. Larson is currently a student at Illinois Institute of Technology, where she is an endangered species as a woman, & a humanities major (with a concentration in history & political science, with a minor in business, & legal studies.) Hannah is currently the Assistant Editor-in-Chief at IIT’s student paper, TechNew; the president of GLAM, IIT’s LGBTQIA on-campus group; and the treasurer for FU, IIT’s feminist activism group. Follow her on Twitter @hannahjlarson, look at pretty pictures on her blog or be her friend on the Facebooks.
hunterHunter Leigh  is a M.A. candidate in the Women’s and Gender Studies program at DePaul University. He’s a native Californian and loves the Pacific Northwest, where he lived for six years before moving to Chicago in the fall of 2010.
Ian Rogers is currently a student at Loyola University Chicago studying Creative Writing and Theology with an emphasis on Catholic Studies. He is the Safe Space Coordinator on the board of Advocate and is planning the first queer retreat on campus. Ian aspires to be a novelist, pastoral councilor, and LGBTQA activist. He enjoys cordial cherry chocolates, travel, and pieces by Flannery O’Connor and Fyodor Dostoevsky. If this were a pageant, he would also enjoy bubble baths and world peace.
J. Edward Dean is a day-dreamer and writer, who graduated at Southern Illinois University with a B.A in Radio and Television. Dean is currently a graduate student at Chicago’s DePaul University. His interest is in African-American and Queer representation in mainstream media.
J.C. Johnson is a graduate of DePaul University with a B.A. in Communication Studies. She found that this degree left her highly qualified to find work as a nanny or a receptionist. Choosing the former, she is a nanny-by-day, Jill-of-all-trades by night. Jillian has been working on being an ally to the LGBTQ community ever since her best friend came out to her in the 9th grade. In the near-ish future, she would like to pursue an advanced degree in Social Work and dreams of working in an agency that supports pregnant teenagers
profile J.N. Reyna is a queer Chicana born and raised in Chicago. She is a writer and researcher currently working toward obtaining her doctorate in social psychology. Broadly, her academic research interests include the self, social identity, and consumer psychology. To stay current with her daily musings, you can find her on Twitter @reynabot and at her blog, http://www.SoDamnTired.com.
Jacob Sabolo is a senior at DePaul University where he is studying English Literature. He is the President of Oxfam DePaul and volunteers with Oxfam America, an organization dedicated to ending world hunger, poverty, and social injustice. Follow Jacob on Twitter @boy_1904 and on Tumblr: colourmegreenwich.tumblr.com.
Jamie Royce is a fierce fancy femme and mobile media machine, working as a freelance writer, reporter, editor and photojournalist. She also blogs at Stuff Queer People Need To Know.
writer fillerJames Croft is a teacher, researcher, actor, singer and a proud, gay Humanist. He teaches and studies toward his Doctorate in Human Development at Harvard University, where he works with the Humanist Chaplaincy as Research and Education Fellow. His work has been published in academic journals, magazines, and blogs. He is a board member of Join the Impact MA, a direct action group working toward full civil equality for LGBTQ people, and a tenor with the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus and Coro Allegro. He writes regularly at his blog TempleoftheFuture.net.

Jason Orne is a queer PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a condition he should recover from nicely with time. When he’s not on Facebook or playing geeky video games, he bikes around Chicago finding good black coffee. He’s been featured in places like the journal Sexualities and the magazine The Morning NewsWhile he finishes his first book on interviewing, he’s started work on his next book on Chicago’s Boystown. He can be found atJasonOrne.com and blogs at Queer Metropolis.

Jason Radford is a writer and art student living in the Lakeview neighborhood. He enjoys being an active part of the LGBT community. Plus he really digs music. Pop and indie tunes are his favorite genres.

Jason Wyman is a life-long educator, writer, learner and performer. He finds spaces between things and then creates supports between them. He has helped professionalize youth development, created original theater, developed learning models based on peer exchange and shared expertise, written fables inspired by the darkness of fairy tales and fostered community rooted in social justice, creativity, and laughter. He lives in San Francisco with his beautiful husband and precocious cat. You can read more at www.14blackpoppies.com. (Photo by Andreea Cănăvoiu)
Jay Borchert is a PhD student in Sociology and Social Demography at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. His primary research interests include Prisons, Punishment, Surveillance, Law, and Critical Race Theory. His current work focuses on the continuing criminalization and punishment of consensual, same-sex, sexual behaviors in U.S. prisons post Lawrence v. Texas, and the expansion of prison labor. In his spare time he enjoys early electronica while stranded in remote airports and Southern cooking.
Jenna Monk is a student of French and Political Science at Furman University. She spends her free time with good beer and even better friends. When asked, she says that she wants to work in International Aid or do research in Comparative Politics, but really she wants an excuse to globe-hop, publish a book, and subsequently get interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show before age 25. She can be followed on Twitter @Jenna_Monk. She is still recovering from moving back to the States from Paris and hopes to blow this joint as soon as possible. Berlin, she’s coming for you.
Jeremiah Walton is a 16 year old poet from New England.  He is author of To Your Health: Humanities Diagnosis and Nostrovia!.  Nostrovia! Poetry is a poetry website he manages for his and the writing of others.  Jeremiah is in his Junior year of High School.  Writing, drawing, skateboarding and reading are some his hobbies.
Jess Solarski studies at DePaul University, majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and Queer Studies. She co-facilitates Act OUT, an LGBT and Queer advocacy and activist group on campus. She frequently rides her bike, noms on vegan food, pets puppies on the street and spends time listening to, playing, and thriving on all things music. Currently, she dwells in The Wolfram Manor Collective and aspires to teach and/or pursue non-profit work in an urban setting. She identifies as an activist, queer, dyke, and lover. Email her at solarjess@live.com.
Jimmy Garfield is a DePaul University graduate in Communications.  A full-time political guru who worked in politics for 5 years, he now gets paid in the IT field.  He reads more than is good for him, and loves having somewhere to vent his outrage at the world.
Joe Varisco is a graduate student at the Jane Addams School for Social Work at UIC and currently interns with Broadway Youth Center’s Drop-In Program and Night Ministry. He has spent the last two years in Chicago integrating with queer communities in performance work on stage for events such as Battlestar Fantastica at the Metro, You’re Being Ridiculous at Guerilla Tango Theater, Shits & Giggles and Northern Lights at Parlour. Beyond performance work, Joe has collaborated with his community to create CHICAGO IRL a locally-based queer zine and a documentary study, the Queer Culture & Social Media Stud.
John Daniel Gore is completing an internship at the Wi’am Conflict Resolution Center in Bethlehem, Palestine. JD studied Communication and Creative Writing at Michigan State University, where he worked at the MSU Writing Center and with the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention program as a peer educator. He aspires to be a writer, teacher, traveler and lover. He likes to find rivers and forests to serenade with his trumpet. He believes that God sees in rainbow colors, is bigger than a book and knows what She is doing even if no one else does.
Johnathan Fields (@JohnnyGolightly) is a graduate student in Media & Cinema Studies. With a bachelors degree in African & Black Diaspora Studies and Philosophy, his areas of interest include: aesthetics, media representations of race, gender, and sexuality in popular culture, Diasporic literature & critical race and feminist theories. He is a guest contributor for “In Our Words,” as well as “The Intersection of Madness & Reality.” His philosophy follows that of Pierre Delacroix: If you’re gonna feed the idiotbox, at least do it with some consciousness.
Johnny Gall is so, so very close to completing his B.A. from NYU in English and Creative Writing. He has hopes of moving on to seminary, and then to ordained ministry and works with several groups which advocate queer equality in the Methodist church. He is a feminist, anarchist, person of faith, part-time librarian and an all-around good guy.
Jonah M. Lefholtz is a student and care-taker in Chicago, IL. He recently came out as a femme male and his life is better for it! He likes spending time with his family and friends, has two cats, and appreciates complexity.

Jonathan Doucette often wakes up confused and disoriented, forgetting that he lives and works in rural Slovakia as an English teacher. He gets a sadistic rush when yelling at his students, and then feels guilty, allowing them to watch four episodes of the insufferable Big Bang Theory the following lesson. He also kinda likes The Big Bang Theory now. Don’t tell anyone.

Joseph Erbentraut is the associate editor of The Huffington Post Chicago. He has been writing ever since he can remember, including the creation of a middle school paper — the Sixth Grade Times — which offered in-depth coverage of school-wide assemblies, birthday parties and breaking playground gossip. Erbentraut earned a B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and moved shortly thereafter to Chicago, a city he has grown to adore. His work has also been featured in the Village Voice, Windy City Times, Chicagoist and Gapers Block.
Joshua Barton is a writer and journalist experiencing queer life in St.Louis.
Joshua Isaacson is a Psychology major in Minneapolis who wants to research LGBT psychological development and the causes and affects of homophobia on the mind. Joshua is also a volunteer for the Trevor Project, a Diablo III addict, an avid reader, a big music junkie and loves some salty goodness.
Joy Ellison is a Master’s degree student in the DePaul University Women’s and Gender Studies program.  Joy loves writing, comics, and community organizing and can be followed on Twitter at j_in_tuwani
Judi Tichacek is a nerd at heart. She believes in living life to the fullest and doing basically what scares her. Within the last year, she has spent most of her savings on a trip to Hawaii, has gotten yet another tattoo, has gotten laid off, chopped off almost a foot of her hair, and is now actively considering an entirely new career because she does not want to bartend for the rest of her active adult life. Her hobbies include watching zombie movies and cooking vegetarian fare.
Justin Cascio is a food and lifestyle writer and activist. In the Aughties, he started the first transgender health and fitness magazine. He is currently Senior Editor of The Good Men Project Magazine. Justin lives in western Massachusetts with his husband.
Justin Huang is 25, Asian, male, gay, overly cocky, popular, insecure, shy, gassy, loudmouthed, promiscuous, guilt-ridden, nonjudgmental, hardworking, goofy and dead serious. Huang is a film editor and a personal fitness trainer in Los Angeles, both of which mean I sit in coffeeshops and gyms a lot trying to look cute. Follow me @justinhuang.
Justin Ray is a graduate student at New York University and intern for Billboard magazine. He has also been published by Design Bureau magazine. Other than writing, his main joy is partying. Formerly a workaholic in undergrad, when he got to NYU he put down the Hemingway and picked up the Tanqueray. You can see some of his design work at jray05.carbonmade.com/. He also runs the site StuffNYGaysLike.com
Kara Johansen Crawford is a graduate of DePaul University, with a BA in International Studies and Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies. Kara has been involved in activism and community service for much of her life and is particularly passionate about labor justice, queer issues and engaging faith communities on social issues. Kara is currently serving as a Mission Intern with the United Methodist Church in New York City, part-time with the Ministry with the Poor Focus Area of the UMC and part-time with New Day UMC, a progressive church in the Bronx. Follow Kara on Twitter @revolUMCionaria and on her blog.
Kate Donovan  is an outspoken atheist, feminist, demisexual, stigma-smashing student in Chicago studying psychology and human development. She juggles occasionally, would knit you something warm if she knew you, and reads anything she can get her hands on. She was raised believing alternative medicine worked, and now spends her time making skeptical faces at it. She contributes at Teen Skepchicks (http://teenskepchick.org/) and the Friendly Atheist blog (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/), and you can find her on Twitter at @donovanable
Kathryn Carlisle is a recent graduate of DePaul University with her BA in Journalism and Political Science.  Kate is a member of the board for the World Orphanage Relief Coalition, volunteering with the Department of Research and the Women’s Empowerment branch.  She also sings with the DePaul Gospel Choir and attempts to be graceful in classes at the Joffrey Ballet Academy.  Kate is currently working in the exciting world of customer service, but is not dismissing the possibility of a one way ticket to somewhere exotic.
Kathryn A. Evans is a stand-up comedian from the Midwest.  Kathryn is currently a graduate student in Virginia.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication.  She also has a certificate in conflict resolution and community based learning.  While getting her undergraduate degree in Wisconsin, she worked at her university’s LGBTQ Resource Center and volunteered at the South Eastern LGBT Resource Center in Racine.  Kathryn was a proud intern in 2011 of the continuing “OutLoud Chicago” series and benefit series “We Are Halsted” — which raises funds and awareness for queer homeless youth in Chicago.  She is a recipient of the Civic Neman Fellowship award for her work in the community and in 2012 received the I.D.E.A. Champion award for her dedication to diversity and inclusivity on her undergraduate college campus.
Katie Vota is a textile & paper artist, Fulbright Scholar, and short queer person.  She has a BFA in Fiber from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and has an installation coming up in August at the Krasl Art Center’s ArtLab space in St. Joseph, MI.  Vota is currently a renegade unemployed person in Chicago, who cooks sumptuous food, watches Dr. Who, and writes articles for various small publications.  In the daytime she hunts for jobs, and in the night time, well, the only person who gets to know that is her girlfriend.
Katie Weiss is a recent graduate of DePaul University who loves Hershey’s with almonds, her teapot collection and hoop earrings. She spends her time as a hard-working admin at National Louis University, an all-out bro at Mad River and a nerd-loving Merlin on Netflix. She is consistently inspired by her amazing peers and thinks everyone is cute.
Kayla Higgins recently graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.A. in Law, Letters & Society. She now divides her time working as a Research Assistant at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and volunteering as an intern with the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender. She identifies as a bisexual Jewish feminist and presented as such on a panel last Spring called “Queering the Faith Townhall Discussion: From Dialogue to Action” at the Adler School of Psychology.  In her spare time she likes to run, read comics, and veg out in her vegan housing co-op with her adoptive family of 24.
Kevin Brady is a life-long New Yorker, living in his hometown of Levittown, Long Island. He earned his BA in Political Science from SUNY Stony Brook University and studied for his MA in Urban Affairs at Queens College. He has been involved in local politics and LGBT activism since high school. He is currently on In The Life Media’s Leadership Council and an after-school “role model” with Live Out Loud. Kevin is in the process of exploring a run for Congress in 2012. You can follow this proud cop’s son on Twitter at @LevittownBrady.
Kevin Doherty is a DePaul University student majoring in maps, Spanish, & International Studies. A convenient typophile and aspiring academic, he argues vehemently for the use of Garamond in all professional papers. When not spending all of his time avoiding schoolwork (or when doing it best), Kevin reads about fonts and practices handwriting. Other times, he is known to tout the benefits of uncannily large families (font families included). Ultimately, he wants to understand life’s nuances and use them to leave things in the world a hair better off than they were before he got there.
Kevin Sparrow is a Chicago writer who is interested in Queerness as both a favorite subject and pastime. His education in movies-writing has proved that he is adept at powering up computers and elementary keyboard use. Sparrow’s short stories, poetry and essays have appeared in that order in Harrington Gay Men’s Literary Quarterly and LIES/ISLE, as well as on the website Be Yr Own Queero
Khai Devon is. Some days, that feels like an accomplishment. Other days, sie brags about hirself by telling people sie graduated from The College of Idaho with a degree in Psychology, and now has a career in customer service, because obviously. Sie blogs semi-regularly atduffelbagandadream.wordpress.com, tweets (@poetichope) and updates hir facebook status more than is healthy, with observations about life as sie experiences it. Sie enjoys caramel lattes, Camel cigarettes, and telling people sie is writing a novel, which is almost always the truth. Sie is always willing to hear from anyone who wants to chat, and you can contact zir at khaidevon@gmail.com.
K.J. Williams is a trans man in his mid-twenties. He is currently a college student and enjoys sharing his life experiences through writing. He enjoys spending time with his family, girlfriend, friends, and his pets. His hobbies include doing anything outside in the sun/outdoors and working out.
Kiki Kirk is a writer, painter, and coffee drinker who studies at Columbia College. She makes a zine called Glass Sea and can usually be found hassling people for submissions. She identifies as queer and is trying to educate herself and those in her life about feminist, gender, and sexuality issues that exist globally.
KOKUMO KINETIC hails from the south side of Chicago. She holds a bachelor of arts in individualized curriculum with a concentration in psychology from Chicago State University. As founder of KOKUMOMEDIA she uses artivism (art and activism) to create awareness pertaining to TGI (trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex) people of color. She is the founder of T.G.I.F. (Trans, GNC, and Intersex Freedom) the first trans pride of the Chicago. KOKUMO is building a catalyst for TGI liberation via literature and performance art.
Kristen Field is a student at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. She has been making up stories since the crayon was her writing implement of choice, and she is very glad that she can finally do something with them. She has written three short plays that have been performed at her college as rehearsed readings and another short play that won in the youth category of Eltham Little Theatre’s 10 Minute Quickie competition.

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