Get Up Get Out: July 31st to August 7th

By In Our Words Staff


Wednesday, July 31st

  • J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter & Neville Longbottom’s birthdays

You know there’s nothing wrong with this post. Keep scrolling.

Thursday, August 1st


  • Story Club, 7:30pm, Holiday Club, 4000 N Sheridan

This month we are sharing stories about “Waiting” and who better to share them with than our featured performers!

“A group of friends…does this thing…only to find a group of vicious [animal/creature/insect] …that terrorizes them and the world they know.”

Friday, August 2nd

– Includes complimentary appetizers until exhausted**
– Live Band
– Networking
– Cocktails Specials
– Free Raffle Ticket
– Outdoor Patio (weather permitting)
– Great LGBTQA Professional Company in a safe environment filled with like minded men & women.

Sunday, August 4th

We are honored to invite all of you to celebrate the opening of Logan Parlor. We couldn’t have done it without all your support, love and loyalty. Please join us for a tour of the space and a celebratory cocktail.


Tuesday, August 6th

What is Q [Queer] Hub? Q Hub is a necessary safe-space for LGBTQ youth and young adults to express themselves and celebrate their identities through art, music, spoken word, dance and inter-generational dialogue. A youth-led meeting point in Little Village to share resources, hear/tell queer stories, and experience the multi facets of Queerism in a social setting.

Queer Top Chef is an annual competition and family reunion of sorts. The community is invited to gather in one revolving location to celebrate the culinary arts as well as one of our most basic human needs, in an all-inclusive, all-ages safe space.


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