Poetry: 7 Sonnets (Double Jameson)

By: Corrine Mina

Jameson Irish Whiskey - Bourbon Intelligencer

Pour another one. I’ll drink for every
dead girl we found in the river. stream. lake.
whatever. I can barely remember
why they died in the first place.. no mistake,
I didn’t kill them. I ain’t no liar, bitch.
Question me again and I’ll off you too
I’ll clock one in your face, make your eye twitch
then empty my barrel on your lame crew.

I’m a hard bitch. Pour me another one.
This shot makes you look a little less vile,
do us both favors, just avoid the sun.
You look like you face-fucked a crocodile.

The thrilling sensation of bitter thirst.
I’ll kill you if I don’t puke on you first.


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