A Best Friend

By: Basilia Vega

I’m still in denial.

I still want to accept.

But the anxiety of never being able to feel your warm hugs,

Or your floppy ear around my cheeks still overwhelms me.

My mood only lights up when you have visited my dreams the night before TATA.

I remember when you sprinted around pouncing gracefully like a baby deer at your first 10 pounds.

And even eleven years later, I still saw that in you.

You taught me how to love someone forever, even when they’re gone.

Although I don’t believe in heaven, I still believe that we’ll see each other again soon.

We will be viewing the world we once lived on and the worlds that still remain a mystery.

On a solid gold platform, playing fetch with war veterans and relatives that passed at their finest hour.

Your shiny black coat shinning beside the star lights always made me smile.

The purple and orange skies creating the perfect blend of radiance in which they reflect to send earth ojitos.

A wink to say “We’re okay!”

The roughness of your paws smooth away like rose pedals blooming for the gardens.

You were the best part of my childhood.

It was never my basketball tournaments,

my soccer championships

or getting stabbed in my wrists with fish hooks.

Just you.


3 responses to “A Best Friend

  1. I cannot imagine your pain. I do not believe in heaven. My spiritual beliefs take a different path. But I do know that you will see your buddy again.And maybe – perhaps – one day you will be ready to open your heart to another fur baby again. I truly hope so. I will be thinking of you.

  2. This is very much how I felt after losing my cat of 14-1/2 years. I saw her the day she was born and held her during her final moments. I refer to her as my furry soulmate on paws. Lots of love and support to you. *hugs*

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