26, Married, Psuedo-Feminist

By: Amaris Hinton


Feminism is in a state of flux in our society. By definition, feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. A beautiful goal to strive towards. My mother is a prime example of this for her generation. She worked in the medical field, lived on her own for a number of years before she met my much older father, and pursued several degrees (which she still does today). She never intended to have children. She wanted to be a career woman, but my Dad had that sort of influence on women.

Enter me. College graduate. Trying to sort out a career and figure out my life. I hardly dated for most of my teen and young adult life, and those I did take an interest in held me at arms length. I was raised to want a companion, not NEED one. So I just focused on school and doing what I wanted to do. Pretty similar to my mother’s story, right? Enter my now husband. Add in my falling hard for him, a hectic relationship to start and then a wedding, and I’d this is an eerie echo of what I just typed above.

Now, that brings us to a joyous and unexpected surprise. I am pregnant. I am actually a week away from being 4 months pregnant. I got married just over 3  months ago. I guess that falls into a feminist sort of mindset, casting off the traditions and THEN getting married. I am not sorry either. Sure it wasn’t planned, but it was at the forefront of both our minds for quite sometime.

Here is where the pseudo bit comes in. I plan to be an at home mom. I intend to breastfeed. I don’t ever want to work unless I absolutely have to. My husband is all for it. I prowl around on Facebook and have had discussions with friends who think it is an awful idea to have children. They are terrified of their own bodies, or terrified of wrecking them after making them “perfect”. I have encountered posts that poke fun at people who are having children, or shake their heads at why that is the new milestone in our generations thinking. I know I have fallen under that alleged canvas, but to be fair, I was exercising my rights as a woman. I hadn’t found a birth control that didn’t mess with my body’s chemistry, so we chose other methods of family planning. More natural ones. Which of course has led us to this life event that we are in now. So sure, I have the older folks worried about how soon it is, and I have friends in my age bracket who are shocked that I would do such a thing to my body. I say I am the new face of feminism. I am redefining my rights as a woman and making the choice to be a mom. If that’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right.


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