Poetry: Seven Sonnets (Malort)

By: Corrine Mina 



Corrine Mina wrote seven Shakespearean sonnets commemorating different levels of consciousness in her early 20′s. She started in 2009 and finished in 2013. The entire set was performed at the Kill Yr Idols monthly reading in late March of this year.

III. Malort


It’s like a yeast infection in your mouth
Spreading cockroaches all over your throat.
Like giving yourself intentional gout,
Stings like a bee, or a dead baby float.

Why did you buy me a shot of Malort?
I asked for a pick-me-up. Instead, you
picked a wormwood infested abortion
made into a sandwich, dipped in au jus.

It’s a rubber frog dipped in gasoline.
It’s like showering with electric eels.
Like you’re getting fingered by Wolverine.

A bulimic swallowing puked-out meals.

Despite a beggar choosing his own death,

You’re better off just doing Crystal Meth.





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