Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 24

By: In Our Words Staff


Welcome to Sweet and Sharp, a weekly link round up with Feminist, Left, and LGBTQueerer leanings.  We scour the internet for insightful, inspiring, and celebratory.  If you would like to add more, feel free to put links in the comments.

Here is a piece on how freedom of speech shouldn’t cover misogyny.  

On sexual violence, here is a list of things to never say to a survivor; and here is an article on survivors (from Glamour magazine too, interestingly enough).

Joss from Feministing then breaks it down on how we view trans* issues within Feminist analysis, on the power of Feminism and the continuing challenge to expand cis-normative actions carried out by it.

Vermont also has made a call to all health insurance companies to make more trans* comprehensive healthcare.

Here is an excellent piece on the chilling events in Texas that put property over human life.

Finally, please fall in love with Tig Notaro, if you haven’t already.  


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