Poetry: 7 Sonnets (I’ll Have a Revolution)

By: Corrine Mina 



Corrine Mina wrote seven Shakespearean sonnets commemorating different levels of consciousness in her early 20′s. She started in 2009 and finished in 2013. The entire set was performed at the Kill Yr Idols monthly reading in late March of this year.
II. I’ll have a Revolution

Forty beers on tap. Forty. How could I
even start to choose my partner in crime?
I’ll drink them like my children: I will try
to treat them all equally, one at a time.
The Blackhawks scored again. The blonde girl screams
a pitch so high and loud, puppies fall dead.
“Oh my God, they’re my favorite fucking team!”
I kept on drinking, staring straight ahead.
Damn. The bartender looks like Megan Fox,
and like a hound, I followed IPA,
two fingers in the air and awkward gawks…

Maybe, she… nope. Definitely not gay.

No heroes or Anti-Heroes dwell here.
Just awkwardness and forty fucking beers.


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