Ecstatic Kling, a Sex Advice Column: We’re Happy When You Get Off

By: In Our Words Staff


Your sex life should be the phenomenal, and it’s okay to ask for a little help to get there.  Likewise, the queer body and person is to be celebrated, if you need some advice on how to do that, that’s wonderful.  That’s why Rebecca is here. Performer, playwright, educator, and queer activist Rebecca Kling will field anyone’s questions on intimate entanglements.

Ecstatic Kling  is a sex column for the LGBTQueer community, and it’s damn excited to be. From the perspective of a queer identified trans* woman, this column will come from a Queer perspective but is open to questions from all.  Whomever needs the answer, be it you, your friend, or “your friend.” All bodies, all genders, all sexualities.

So if you want to know the ins and outs (and possibly back ins again) of queer sex;  If you have questions on fucking and or genderfucking; If there are things you’re embarrassed to ask a friend about or are afraid of what might show up in your Google search; Ecstatic Kling is here for you.

Her insight is ebullient and edgy and as an educator, scholar, and performer Rebecca has made gender and sexuality her business and pleasure.  Now is not the time to be shy, shoot her an e-mail at   Anonymity will, of course, be respected.



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