Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 23

By: In Our Words Staff


Welcome to Sweet and Sharp, our weekly link round-up. We scour the interwebs for the poignant and the celebratory, articles concerning the LGBTQueer, Feminist, and left leaning community and all their intersections.  If you want to add more, feel free to comment with links.


We have history, expanding the idea of pro-choice and on the forced sterilization of Latin@s.  


A couple of boys not only are voted cutest couple at their school, but get some awesome support from people across the internet.


With the internet voraciously consuming all things Amanda Bynes, here is a more critical look at how we watch someone’s break down.  


Here is a wealth of reasons as to why you should love Brittney Griner.  


Here is a chilling post by Lindy West, evidence of rape culture read by her.  (TW: Threats of violence and rape).


To make you feel a little bit better about the world, watch Patrick Stewart  give someone a consensual hug and talk about men’s responsibility in ending violence against women.


And finally, if you are angry about the marriage vote being delayed in Illinois, here is something you can do.  






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