Get Up Get Out: June 5th-12th

By: In Our Words Staff


Wednesday, June 5th

Come watch Born in Flames with Trans*(formation) and the Anti-Capitalist Coalition! Born in Flames is a science fiction feminist film that discuses gender issues after the revolution.

Thursday, June 6th

First-time director and award-winning journalist David France (who has been covering the AIDS crisis for 30 years, first for the gay press and then for the New York Times and Newsweek, among others) culls from a huge amount of archival footage—most of it shot by the protestors themselves (31 videographers are credited)—to create not just an historical document, but an intimate and visceral recreation of the period through the very personal stories of some of ACT UP’s leading participants. A handbook for all activists who want to make change, HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE captures both the joy and terror of those days, and the epic day-by-day battles that finally made AIDS survival possible.

Join us* for the 8th round of Congrats on Your Success!


(this is not a 21+ event because it’s a bookstore, but don’t bring children or be a child because everyone will hate you)

Friday, June 7th

Spectrum DePaul is pleased to bring Leiomy Maldonado to DePaul University.
Leiomy will be be the main event, but we want to showcase Chicago voguers talent as well!
Participate and not only will Leiomy see what you got, but the video performance reviewed by TV executives (with your expressed consent)!
Crowd favorites will receive special prizes!
Groups and individuals welcome to compete. You do not have to be affiliated with DePaul University to participate. Event is open to the public.
All interested voguers email for more information.

Saturday, June 8th

Join us for a cool hang at the bakery to benefit Chicago Dyke March 2013 and our yet to be announced move to a new neighborhood! As well as funds to pay performers and djs at the march, additional city costs, water and day of supplies – everything to make this year’s and future marches as fabulous as possible!!!

Tuesday, June 11th

There is still heat around the marriage equality fight in Illinois. For many, this was a wake up call that nothing is inevitable in this fight. Without action in the community, there is no guarantee that there will be a passage of the vote or even a vote in the fall. The promises are the exact same. With no challenges to timidity and no grassroots movement, we could see another repeat that we’ve seen in the previous sessions. We should develop a coalition dedicated to direct action, outreach and willing to put fire on the feet of all leaders- enemies, on the fence and supposed allies. There is a new fresh sense of urgency around this and people in our community have a lot of creativity they can bring to the table. Everyone’s talents could be utilized in some form. Either we act or we will lose. Campaigns aren’t won by how much money we have, they are won through people power.



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