The Good Times

By: Basilia Vega


Ahhh the past!

The weak are afraid of it.

The willing view it  as a cruise, and with a smile,

they drive past what they already seen and finally notice that things look closer than they appear

The past and it’s catchy memories

When the 2000’s classics were thought of in the classroom,

sung in the playground

and rapped over and over again as your brother places your hot and ready order in

Yes the past!

The time where your favorite school teacher sticks up for you

For a quiet audience at show and tell

Your fair share at snack time’s finest half an hour

The teacher that sung words about peace and love

that became the only shield to secure your heart from the hate and misdemeanors the old bitter white teacher forced her dissatisfaction hope right into your ears

“I got your back!”

That fuckin past

where everywhere I went

school, gyms, jobs,

There will always be that asshole that knows their sorority will over power your will towards fairness and dignity,

And their only good days are your constant bad ones

Oh yes! the fukin past

Where I glance in that fuckin mirror and be aware that the past is closer than it may appear

Because the past!

My past!

My past is here!

And my heart is there, soaking in my memories

With my emotions

And my mind is everywhere else but where it matters


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