Poetry: 7 Sonnets (Best Friends)

By: Corrine Mina 


Corrine Mina wrote seven Shakespearean sonnets commemorating different levels of consciousness in her early 20’s. She started in 2009 and finished in 2013. The entire set was performed at the Kill Yr Idols monthly reading in late March of this year.

I. Best Friends Forever

If loyalty is true for your best friend,
Then choke me with your words, I’ll be a bitch.
We’ll redefine its meaning and amend
Life’s laws of living lavishly and rich.

My gold is laughing ’til my eyes form tears,
My silver rides shotgun at 4 AM.
My diamonds are peeled from bottled beers,
Made of May snowflakes, dizzy from mayhem.
Good fortune thrives in love’s institution,
An auric energy others may lack.
Our past lives wait for our souls’ reunion.
For you, I’d give up the clothes on my back.

Of all the prized possessions I will save,
I’ll take our hearts’ affection to my grave.


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