Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 22

By: In Our Words Staff


Welcome to Sweet and Sharp, a weekly link round-up on LGBTQueer, Feminist, and left leaning articles and sites from across the internet.  Enjoy and add any you like in the comment section.


A young woman has been expelled from a Florida school and is being charged with a felony, for a consensual lesbian relationship.  Annonymous is leading an operation to combat it, and this article uncovers an interesting aspect to homophobic language in the group.


Here are the 7 nearly hilarious super bigoted statements about gay people (Apparently all Nazi soldiers, or even solders, were gay.  Because gays, lesbians, and bisexual people were not systematically slaughtered in the Holocaust.  Nope.)


Interstellar pioneer and all around badass, Sally Ride, will be awarded with the awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously.  


Former porn actor Francois Sagat explains his reasons for leaving the industry and the recent rash of performers committing suicide.


More information on “What’s The T?”  and the remount at Victory Gardens.  


And finally, 10 things to think about if you must think about your weight.  






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