In Your Words: An Open Mic and Potluck

By: In Our Words Staff


Spectrum DePaul ,  DePaul’s Black Student Union, and In Our Words are collaborating on a live lit event and potluck on May 20th, at 6pm in The Brownstones Annex (2250 N. Sheffield).

As a part of the university’s pride month,  Spectrum and the BSU found it was integral to have an event that addresses race and allows for an open and true expression.  They contacted In Our Words, who previously hosted In Your Words: An Open Mic in the fall for some extra support.

In Your Words: Intersections of Race will feature two performers,  Javon Smith and Misty De Berry.  Smith is a poet and performer from the DePaul community.  Berry is a professor in the Women and Gender Studies Department who focuses on race, gender and sexuality in performance as well as social movements workings in and through art.

The majority of the night will be an open mic.  In keeping with the missions of all organizations we want to hear the expressions of the community, have it speak for itself and to it’s own truth.  Though pieces do not have to strictly adhere to the theme of race and sexuality, it is greatly encouraged.

If you perform poetry or are a storyteller, simply bring a piece and sign in.  We welcome all performers, and judging from the last audience, there will be a whole lot of love in the room if you feel nervous.

This also will be a potluck, because what brings together community more than stories and food.  Bring any dish that you see fit and serving utensils.



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