Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 21

By: In Our Words Staff


First there is a dispatch on from the White House Correspondence Dinner, on the Islamapobia and racism present even at our national celebrations.


Also on race, Wayne Brady clarifies and counters people like Bill Maher who use him as a means of saying someone isn’t “Black Enough”.  Sadly there is a touch of transmisogyny  to his argument though– a reminder that transphobia remains both subtle and rampant.


In China, through a case involving a trans* woman marrying her partner, gender is beginning to be opened up on a legal level.  (Note: they use transsexual as the primary term for trans* women).


Here is a refresher on confronting your own and community biphobia.



Annonymous has taken to promoting justice for rape survivors.  


A great perspective that shakes the idea of the “middle aged lesbian” and that you only come out in your younger years. 


Finally, this little diddy has been making the rounds, and it perfect for that age old question

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