Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 19

By: In Our Words Staff


Welcome to Sweet and Sharp a weekly link round up of the fun, the heartfelt, and the incisive.  Generally speaking on lives of LGBTQueerer folks, Feminists, and left to radical leaners.

First up, there has been an outpouring of love and admiration for gay basketball player Jason Collins recently, and though we must not forget other LGBT athletes, it’s pretty nice to see such a badass out and on our team.

Here is a small rundown of what has happened with SF Pride regarding the decision to name PFC Bradley Manning Grand Marshall (with a famed Vietnam Whistleblower– Daniel Ellsberg– to go in his stead) then revoke it within the same day.  Also if you want to join any action against this look here.

Australian Cat Lady feminists believe is smashing opression and bringing you cat .gifs.  In other words they are the most wonderful people.

A rundown of the strident misogyny a student  at Arizona State.  

An interesting take on current food culture, on from scratch and DIY movements and how they intersect with class, gender, and historical narratives.

Finally, with all this heat, here is a celebration of thickness and all of our bodies being that bikini body.


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