Anyone’s Business: Drag to You

By: In Our Words Staff


Welcome to Anyone’s Business, an article made by you.  We pose a question in the hopes of starting a discussion and conversation.

We are come close to the end of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s 5th season.  The show has been part pop cultural touchstone and part  lighting rod;  it’s a quintessenial “water cooler” show for the digital age spawning meme’s, video recaps, and songs from fans and contestants, bringing people together; meanwhile it has received (deserved) criticism for it’s exclusion  of trans* feminine persons, use of appropriative language, and promotion of homonormativity and assimilation.

With that in  mind we also see a fair amount of variety in the competing queens, from cultural, to race, to age, to size, to style of drag.  No more is the differentiation of drag style present than in this seasons final three.  There is a Miss Continental At Large Pageant Queen (Roxxxy Andrews), a neo-vaudevillian belter (Jinx Monsoon), and a spacey-sexy-crunchy-punk-come-glamour girl (Alaska Thunderfuck).  Though a division has been made (most likely for reality show drama) between Pageant girls  and Comedy Queens, these three approach their characters and performance differently.  So, what is drag or gender performance to you?  Is there one way to do it? Is a certain way best?  


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