Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 18

By: In Our Words Staff


This is Sweet and Sharp, a weekly link round up with feminist, left leaning, and the queerest of tendencies.  If you would like to add more, feel free to comment with urls below.

Starting off strong, here is a petition in order to remind the makers of an upcoming Stonewall movie to not white and cis wash history.  

Also in petition, stop Eden’s Foods campaign against birth control.  

Then at The L Stop we have an interview with Peaches about her new film that’s making the rounds at festivals, Peaches Does Herself.  

And the Advocate picked up an interview from our lovely parent organization, SocialScope, with Monica Bervely Hillz.

Though the attempt is admirable, Bro-Choice gets a swift yet understanding take down at Feministing.  

Finally, focusing on sexual assault against men in the final week of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Though the


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