Sincerely, Gonzalo Jr.

By: Basilia Gomez 


I want grow up and be an all star for grandma, she said I have a long way to go since I’m only four years old

My favorite color is pink, like the color my mommy gets when my dad yells at her

I love eating chips because when my dad didn’t have a job that’s all my mom gave me with her pink cheeks

I have a black and white dog named Tania, she’s a girl

She’s just like a cow too,

Black and White

I heard my dad tell grandma that I should just sleep in a farm since I pooped in my pants

He say “What the fuck is wrong wit you? Why would you sit in your shit?”

My grandma’s eyes got pink too, she say it’s not my fault

My tee tee ruby said it’s not my fault

My little broder smiles at me, like iron man when he kills Titanium Man!

BOOM! POW! And iron Man flies away

But I cant fly, I don’t fly around me papi

I don’t know when I should go to the bathroom cause me and chila have a lot of fun running

And screaming

And flying!

Chi Chi can make me fly, me and my broder Tone

When chi chi is around I’m not scared

When papi tells me to take my clothes off I get scared

His face turns pink

Because I pooped my pants, I didn’t do it on purpose

When I drop grandma phone, that’s on purpose and accident

But not when I use the bathroom in my close

“I’m going to get new close! Sit on the toilet!”

It hurts when he pulls my ear and smacks me!

I hear iron man’s hands hit Titanium man when he makes my face pink too

When I sit in the bathroom, it’s cold

And when I come out my broder Tone hugs me

Like when tee tee Ruby hugs chi chi when she comes to my grandma house

So when I put on my close and my new pants I put them like Iron man

Shhroooom! Chu! Chu!

Then I wait for chi chi to pick me and my broder up and fly away.


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