Poetry: A Note To Straight Girls

By: Elaine Body 


A Note To: Straight Girls
To: Those Girls
From: A Lesbian

To the girls with perfect smiles
Full of wanting
Ghost chasers
I said the perfect smiles
I know you practice in the mirror
You are full of multiple facets
But you are not the Madonna Inn
You do not need to let them inside of you
For them to see this
For them to know
Stop playing dumb
I know you are smarter than that
Because to play dumb you must first be smart enough
To know how to play
I wish you would show your scars
I know you have them
I am not saying that how you got them is always worth remembering
But they made you
And no one is perfect
Perfection gets boring
Do not beg them to want you
Do not want them to want you
Want yourself—
They may not always love you
But you should always love you
And the ones you chase may be emptier than you
Stop chasing ghosts
You don’t have to be downgraded to be loved
You don’t have to go underestimated or dismissed to be loved
You can be loved as you are
If only you knew how attractive you are at full throttle
If only you knew—
Because you are more than a perfect smile
Practiced in front of a mirror
And when you allow yourself to be all of you
Then someone can come along and love you
Because then they will be loving you


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