Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 17

By: In Our Words Staff

TV After Oprah

Hello and welcome to Sweet and Sharp, left leaning, feminist. and LGBTQueer link round-up.  We scoured the internet for fun and insightful odds and sods.  We hope you enjoy and add in the comments some links if you choose.

In light of recent tragedies, this week’s round up is filled with more positive articles.

Like Quidditch fast becoming a collegiate powerhouse (intramural) sport.

And this badass 8 year old girl following around a Tennessee senator who proposed a bill linking welfare recipient to student test scores.

Mississippi women continue to have the right to choose.  

The voice of reason in your childhood has also become the voice of reason in your adulthood, as Raffi speaks about ending rape culture.  

Here are hilarious and completely true facts about Queer people.

In this week, 16 years ago, the amazing Ellen DeGeneres came out!

In Major League Soccer, suspension for using homophobic slurs.  

A mayor in Australia is demanding respect for their gender, right on sibling.  

And finally friend of the site, Dominick Mayer, has an awesome column on wrestling at Heave.  


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