Anyone’s Business: When Viewing Violence

By:  In Our Words Blog 


Welcome to Anyone’s Business, an article made by you.  We pose a question, and your discussion make this post.  Please respond with respect, for each other and opinions.

Jessica and Patrick are deeply saddened by the violence inflicted on Boston.  The Marathon is a symbol of pride and power in that city, and a marathon itself an embodiment of human strength.  People of many genders, races, cultures, and abilities traverse the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to the heart of the city.  We have seen that damage and be done, to people, to buildings and structures; but to destroy the participants and spectators, as we are seeing though their acts of compassion for one another, is impossible.

Though we believe these things, in an effort to remain reflective and understand the media we consume. We ask:

How do you feel about censorship, or the lack of it, with images of this attack?  With images blood covered sidewalks,  showing the loss of limb and bones protruding, emergency responders rushing to people’s aid; with video footage including sound and slowed down to the moment of explosion and a stream of survivor interviews, is there an advantage to seeing carnage?  

Likewise, as we have talked about before, how do you feel the news media’s coverage is shaping this story, what are the benefits of instantaneous updates, and what outcomes from the public will you see due to media coverage (ie:  xenophobia and or islamaphobia, or hope and resilience).


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