Chicago-based HIV Charity Comes Out, Again: Fred Says Re-launches

By: Fred Says Team


We have a  new website, blog, products and new outlook for 2013.  Fred Says is the Chicago-based non-profit that raises money for HIV+ teens, which launched in 2010 with initial success with the sales of ‘thank you’ cards, e-cards, t-shirts, and a website with the ‘$1 Makes a Difference Campaign.’ After a few years, the Fred Says team has grown exponentially and is re-launching itself after recently becoming an official 501(c)3 with the release of a Fred Says mug, dog leash, a blog and plush toy made in the image of Fred, the mascot.

Fred Says’ garnered over 20,000 fans on Facebook at the start of 2013 and reaches millions of people a year online. As Fred’s donors and supporters grow, the team behind Fred thought it was the perfect moment for their brand to grow as well.

Currently, the organization is in discussion with various organizations around the country to find ways to help focus more attention on the dire needs of teens that are affected by HIV. Well known D.C-based organization, Advocates for Youth, have invited Fred Says and Dr. Garofalo to lobby with young people on Capitol Hill on April 10th, for Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Also, Fred Says is planning on taking on a few more organizations that work with HIV+ teens to be benefactors in 2013.

As of 2007, there were 1.2 billion young people aged 15-24 in the world with an estimated 10 million living with HIV. In the United States, approximately 40-45,000 new HIV infections occur each year, one-half occurring in youth below the age of 25 and one-quarter occurring before the age of 21. Fred Says is one of the few organizations that target the specific needs of teens.

April 10th will be the first day that the general public can pre-order all new items from By May 1st, people can visit a select number of stores starting in Chicago to purchase items in person.


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