Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 17

By: In Our Words Staff


Welcome back to Sweet and Sharp, our weekly link round up with queerer, feminist, and left leaning tendencies.  We try to find the funny, the smart, the poignant, and the celebratory.  We hope you enjoy.

First up, in light of Roger Ebert’s passing, we turn to our friend’s at HEAVE Media for their thoughts on this titan of entertainment.

In the Con/Cos-play world, here is a great article on sexism and fighting harassment.   

A necessary call out on protest methods and racism within the feminist community.  

And here is a frothing (yeah frothing), intense, and beautiful look at the life of queer punk Darby Crash.

Because we know marriage isn’t the only thing that has to be talked about, here is an article on the criminalization of trans* folks/crap that gender non-conforming people have to put up with  in New York.  

Here is the UFC standing with Fallon Fox (yes the language of the article is shyte, but at least there was respect in the UFC).

And your favorite lesbians who did things in the 90s are getting married! 

Finally here is an ode to local lesbian bar T’s, which sadly closed recently.  If you can find a replacement space, please comment!    


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