Anyone’s Business: You’re Embarrassing Us In Front of the Hets

By:  In Our Words Staff 

Image below is slightly NSFW

Welcome to Anyone’s Business, an article made by you.  We supply a question in hopes to spark discussion  and reaction.


This image was posted on Buzzfeed, of pornstar Francois Sagat at a same-gender wedding.  It’s a latex unitard tux with matching gloves and a red jockstrap peaking out.  It is billed as the fiercest wedding outfit.  Yet it drew some ire from commenters, who deemed it “trashy” and that it promotes stereotypes of gay men (being oversexed, of being kinky).  They also seemed to say that this makes us, the gay community, look bad in front of straight folks– that we are trying to be “more accetable” to them so why wear something like this.

How accountable are gay figures to straighter culture?  Does it matter why that person is famous, if that person is famous?  Should it even matter, should we just be?  


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