Poetry: Lesbian Dating Is Not Easy

By: Elaine Body 


Lesbian dating is not easy
Men are not easy
Women are not easy
Human beings are fucking complicated
But I am thankful for my past
Everyone you meet
You meet for a reason
And there was a reason
For every single one of them
Prepared me for her

You never think

Seriously think

You will meet someone that makes you forget
What it’s like to be single
Because even though you aren’t single
You are always waiting
Waiting for the fuck up, the drop, the spiral
Or that moment they decide they are done
Part of you is always a little bit single
But I’ve forgotten

And at this point you can roll your eyes
A love poem has begun
So if you must
Everyone make a vomit noise
Back to the poem

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to wonder
When she’ll get bored and decide she can find
Someone better
I’ve forgotten about what it’s like
To repeat your favorite color 50 times because
She never paid attention long enough to remember
Or what your favorite drink is at dinner
I’ve forgotten—
What it’s like to feel somewhat unsure
Of where the relationship is going
Because she never wants to talk about it

I’ve forgotten—
And it’s the best feeling
She knows everything
About me
And she remembers
All of it—
And no nothing is perfect
There are still moments when words fly out
Quicker than either one of us can stop them
And there are moments when one of us
Learns we still know how to hurt
And be hurt
But we talk it out
And we apologize
I know what a concept
We are more than the moments we stumble
And she makes me laugh
No one makes me laugh like her
And she knows me better
Than I know me sometimes
And I wouldn’t trade
How terrifying it can be to know you give a damn
For anything—
Because even though it’s holy-shit-scary knowing
How much you care
And you no longer remember how to be single
Even a little bit
The fact that she cares too
She knows you
And remembers

Is worth it all
Even the risk you take
By forgetting


11 responses to “Poetry: Lesbian Dating Is Not Easy

  1. Aaah, I so long to get to this place. Alas, I’ve just about given up hope though. I’m glad it happens for someone out there.

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