Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 16

By: In Our Words Staff


In a tongue and cheek turn about on sexist media, John Hamm’s bulging sex appeal is put on trial.  

Here is something to help you remember what a BADASS Lucy Lui is.  

More in badass women, local MC Deja Taylor gives you a taste of the springtime jam we all want and need.

And, submitted by contributor Cassandra Warren, a performance of Queer Rage (with the following blurb).

I see this equal sign everywhere, but we are not equal and marriage equality will not get us there. Yes, of course marriage should not be granted to only some. But, equality will not be found in the institution of marriage. While people pour money and resources into campaigning for this type of equality, Arizona tries to arrest people for using the “wrong bathroom”. Police Departments across the nation harass, rape, and kill people of color, trans folks, and people in the sex trade. Where’s the call for equality for here? Why isn’t the white house talking about how NYC spent $215,000 protecting two police officers who three weeks ago shot and killed 16-year old Kimani Gray? Why isn’t the White House talking about the prison industrial complex and how it incarcerates significantly more poor people, more trans people, and more people of color? Equality will not be something we reach until we accept that institutions and systems with power are racist, classist, and sexist and we start to change that.

Though I am unsure about the cosmetic company’s name, check out this lip tar line that helps a company member.

An awesome celebration of geeks of color! 

and a terrible experience (or 3) at the US border.  


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