Anyone’s Business: A Fly in Our Soup or a Wart

by: In Our Words Staff


Welcome to Anyone’s Business, an article made by you.  We pose a question, and you all  write responses and discuss.

This question was inspired very much by the recent  anniversary of Adrienne Rich’s death.  Rich was a brilliant poet with an eye for both the fantastic and the critical, she is considered a crucial Feminist and is in the LGBT cannon for her essays and poetry.

Adrienne Rich also was a gender essentialist and contributed to the creation of a pervasive and malicious work, The Transsexual Empire. In her life she never really spoke about trans* women, except when she is referenced in the book and acknowledged for her help in editing in.

With this in mind, how do we see people we considered heroes after we recognize such a glaring flaw? Is it like a fly in our soup, where we send their whole legacy and worth back; or a painful wart on our thumb, a palpable reminder on a still usable hand?  If metaphors aren’t your bag, do you think you can pick and choose something from peoples past when we honor or learn from them?


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