Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 15

by: In Our Words Staff


This is Sweet and Sharp, a collection of the poignant and jaunty things we collect on the internet. Its a few tough, celebratory, and funny things (this one is a bit more serious) we find that pertain (in large part) to our Feminist, Queer, and left leanings.  We hope you enjoy and feel free to send in links you like.

We’re starting out with a submission from contributor Cassandra Warren, it’s a powerful article on the Stubenville Rape that also comments on the Prison Industrial Complex.

It’s by Mia McKenzie via the blog Black Girl Dangerous. It’s such a great perspective on the Steubenvillecase. It highlights the media’s role, the intersection of race, age, misogyny, and oppression. But, important for me, it talks about how she is not trilled to see another Black boy (writer’s words)  put in a cage. It talks about how the prison system is never, ever going to be a solution for change: I.e., these two men will not emerge from jail with a new found respect and willingness to care for womyn. It also makes me think about our reactions to rape and how (and who) we hold people accountable and what exactly are we doing to prevent, change, and eradicate rape culture.

Similarly Melissa Perry Harris delivers  poetic letter to the survivor.   Also an article on men who fear measures being taken to break down rape culture.

Jeannie Livingston, director of Paris of Burning, speaks about her time with the New York Ball scene and her upcoming project.  

An article on the differentiation of Trans* narratives and the importance of knowing and respecting them.

Mayor Emanuel speaks on the massive school closings happening in CPS.  

Finally, Conner Habib talks about pornography and positive representations of gay men.


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