Poetry: The Ring

by: Elaine Body 


I was looking around a hair and beauty salon
When I heard two girls talking to each other
One of the girls working there asked the other one
Did you get married?
She replied that she recently became engaged
The girl asking congratulated her
And commented on how gorgeous the ring is on her finger
She asked her how he proposed and the process taken
Before the ring was presented to her hand
As if she just won the human lottery
And can now take home her prize

The ring is gorgeous!
Because that is what marriage is about
The ring—
These girls were so straight
Not even yoga could teach them how to bend
But it’s not about sexual orientation
Or, is it?

I’ve been with my partner
A little over a year and a half
We compliment each other the way
Best-friends-but-better should
But we can’t legally get married
I can’t walk into a hospital and say
That’s my wife!
Because legally
She isn’t

I am not a person that needs to constantly
Show the public that I am in a romantic relationship
With the person I am walking beside
I know who and what we are
And watching other couples super glued to each other
Make both of us want to gag
And the small moments between us
Feel much bigger this way

We do everything “straight” couples do
There are so many rumors surrounding lesbian relationships
I can’t keep them all straight
If you see what I did there you can laugh
But seriously
We are no different than anyone else
And no—
It’s not all about sex
But that is one of the rumors that surround
Two women in love

And some people might say
Well aren’t they allowing same-sex marriage these days?
In some states they are
But we’ve had to fight to get here and it’s not guaranteed
Some states have retracted they’re promise
To allow everyone to be equal
And where I live I’m still waiting

The girl proclaiming her engagement so excitedly
Never had to wonder if she’d be able to legally marry him
That part never had to be fought for
And there was no question about when she knew she was straight
Or what their relationship is all about
She has a ring on her finger
And the plans of her wedding waiting to fly out
Into the ears of whomever asks

Because marriage must start
With a ring

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