Announcing “Miss Gay Black America”, Mary F. Morten’s New Documentary

by: The Morten Group 


Note: This letter was sent to our business e-mail as a promotion of the film, and we felt it was too great of a subject to not publish/promote. Miss Gay Black America looks and sounds like a heartfelt look into inter-familial life as well as a careful examination of gender performance and the history of gay night life.  Mary F. Morten is also an ardent feminist and advocate so you know this will be stirring and thought provoking.  We can’t wait to hear what’s next.  

Hello, In Our Words!

I am pleased to announce that I have begun pre-production on my newest documentary,Miss Gay Black America!

Miss Gay Black America will examine the evolution of the culture and public perception of female impersonation, specifically its evolution since the 1980s as well as the drag community’s reaction to the AIDS epidemic. The film will also highlight the life of Indianapolis-based female impersonator Terri Livingston, who lived and worked all over the world.

Terri Livingston was also my brother. I was one of the little girls whose hair he did, whose clothes he made, whom he taught how to wear make up. Since he got very sick right after we reconnected and continued to travel when he could, I never got to ask him so many things about his life that I wanted to know.

We have begun shooting the project in both Chicago and Indianapolis and in coming months, we will traveling to other parts of the country to hold interviews with experts in Female Impersonation and Drag Performance as well as individuals who may have worked with or known my brother.

Take a look at our first trailer for the film here!

Miss Gay Black America Trailer 3.1 from Todd Lillethun on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out Miss Gay Black America’s Facebook and Twitter pages, to keep up on news surrounding my newest film.

Miss Gay Black America: The Terri Livingston Story is a tribute to my brother Terri Livingston—an amazing performer, and an amazing person. Throughout this project, I hope to get to know the man, and woman, that I didn’t get to know when he was alive.


Mary F. Morten
Director, Miss Gay Black America

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