Symbolia: In-Depth Journalism Meets Illustration

By: In Our Words Staff


Much has been said about the changing face of journalism and the print or tangible fading out of fashion.  Media websites, blogs, e-books, have been offered as answers.  None offers such an artful blend of published craft and digital interaction and accessibly as the new digital magazine Symbolia.

Symbolia is exploring further reaches of new media– through their tablet app and PDF subscription service— while inventively using classical illustrative aesthetics — hand drawn and lettered pages, periodical style format and distribution.  Simultaneously vivid and intimate, readers are not only reading researched and engagingly written works, but are further enticed in by intricate visual pieces.  The interplay between text and illustration adds to the discourse and brings a human level that even printed works and digital media lack; they are given equal weight as methods of delivering the message, showcasing writing and illustration as venerable art forms.

Each issue also takes on a theme.  The initial press was titled “We Don’t Belong” *and was filled with narratives on outsiders of various cultures.  The upcoming issue is called “The Mating Ritual”* and it has stories on polyamory,  sexbots, and insect penises at the Museum of Copulatory Organs.  It has a tentative release date of early April.  Symbolia is also a proudly women-run publication, helmed by Erin Polgreen (Publisher and Editor) and Joyce Rice**(Creative Director).  Be sure to check out the above links and below screen shots for examples of their work.


22 responses to “Symbolia: In-Depth Journalism Meets Illustration

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