Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 14

by: In Our Words


Welcome to Sweet and Sharp, where we find the fun and that incisive  articles and sundries of the internet.  We skew left, love the LGBTQueerer folks, and are feminists.  We hope you are too and that you enjoy.

Trying to find the humor in the horror, The Onion called the Stubenville Rape tragedy before it even happened.  

The Advocate compiled a list of a few funny trans* comedians!  Add Carey Callahan to that list too.

Another list, here are examples of how to white people can be less oppressive, emphasis on short and that further education is your own job.

British television, and later Americans who steal things on the internet, will be seeing the most AMAZING thing soon: A television show staring Sir Ian McKellan (GANDALF) and Derreck Jacobi (He was once Francis Bacon and had movie sex with Daniel Craig) called Vicious Old Queens (alternately titles, Patrick Gill’s Favorite Thing)

For achivement in Long Term Trolling, the man who painted his house in rainbow colors and opened it up as an LGBTQ center , right across from the Westboro Baptist Church.

Though it hurts to critisize her (we have to critique the things we love) is Beyonce’s new song betraying her pop feminism?


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