Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 14

by: In Our Words Staff


Welcome back to Sweet and Sharp; left leaning, Feminist, and queer links at your fingertips.  It can be light, it can be heavy, we just want to bring you some of the better things from the internet.

First, in local Chicago news, The Windy City Times has opened up nominations for the 30 under 30.

Here is an interesting look at how representations of strong, introverted women in family entertainment.  

Jada Pinkett Smith, again, lays down the law and defends young people in the spotlight.  

In awesome ally news, Patrick Stewart leads a charge against violence against women.  

In Not Really an Ally in Any Way Shape or Form news, Brett Ratner is to recieve an award from GLADD.  Nope.

In celebrating of genderfucking all loving glam, Simon Doonan shows his love for David Bowie. 

As for amazing celebrities and British men, here is Mila Kunis helping a bashful interviewer though a press junket.  

Here is a simple and easy article on trans* etiquette/why not to ask about surgeries.   


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