Poetry: The Day I Didn’t Wear My Earrings

by: Elaine Body


I have a lot of holes in my ears
Piercings that is
And I chose not to wear my earrings that day
That’s not where I wanted your attention to go
I wanted you to look at me
Like you do sometimes
With more than passing clouds mirrored in your eyes
With more

I’m sure you’ve caught me looking at you
With the intensity of my neon colored socks
Full of bright and punching you in the eyes
But I am not looking to overwhelm you
I just can’t help myself sometimes

There are parts me that aren’t as cynical
As they seem
But it’s easier to hide raw meat
Than to watch it burn
I do still hold out hope
For a red balloon

And the days pass by quickly
And the every-day fills our mouths
Sometimes with the taste of a furrowed brow
And the lingering flavor of regret
But more often than not
It’s just time
And the attempt to pack as much into its hands
As possible in 24 hours

I chose not to wear my earrings that day


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