Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 13

by: In Our Word Staff


Welcome back to Sweet and Sharp, a link round up that serves the hilarious and the poignant tib-bits from LGBTQueerer and Feminist spaces, and perspectives, on the internet.

Horray for justice, Pamela Ki Ma Chen has been confirmed for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, she is the first Asian American lesbian to sit on a federal bench.  

London therapists are starting to use the term Gender and Sexual Diversities to describe the community, as a means of promoting inclusion.  I mean, the alphabet was getting kind of cumbersome, and this seems to fit.

20 things Lesbians are tired of hearing!

In bros being better than our expectations news, Phi Alpha Tau brothers of Emerson student Donnie Collins started an Indiegogo campaign for his top surgery after his insurance was denied him.  They already reached their goal, but all excess funds will go to the Jim Collins Foundation.

In decidedly less happy news, more is being uncovered about the murder of mayoral candidate in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Marco McMillian.

For Chicagoans, here are 7 lesbian comedians you should be on the look out for.

In a case against GMOs and for sustainable and natural farming methods, farmers in Bihar,  India have produced record breaking crops.  

Here are 26 things you can do to abolish prisons, support education, restoration, and youth empowerment.

And here is a father daughter dance that kick purity ball ass.  


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