by:  h. melt 


It’s sparkling gold glitter
on our bodies and the walls

It’s a ten dollar manicure and martini
free drinks from eight to nine

It’s Trandroid and Joe welcoming
new and familiar friends onstage

It’s Vajaqueque’s mustache
Wes’ blue lipstick and beard

It’s gender neutral bathrooms
allowing all access to multiple stalls

It’s Justin in the DJ booth
blowing the air horn effect

It’s an entirely pink room un
afraid to dance the night away

It’s the mirror behind the bar
we finally see ourselves

It’s the dark clink of glasses
applause and affirmation

A community clapping
dancing screaming

For its own

Note: This poem is from h. melt’s forthcoming poetry collection SIRvival in the Second City: Transqueer Chicago Poems, due on New School Poetics in March 2013 

 H. Melt is a transqueer poet and artist who was born in Chicago. They have published, performed and exhibited in numerous spaces throughout the city including: All The Writers I Know,Chicago IRLF Newsmagazine, Salonathon, Woman Made Gallery, and in (wo)men & me(n)—an exhibit celebrating the first Trans, Gender Nonconforming and Intersex Freedom (TGIF) rally in ChicagoThey are currently an emerging teaching artist with Young Chicago Authors and releasing a new collection of poems titled SIRvival in the Second City: Transqueer Chicago Poems on New School Poetics Press in early 2013.


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