Poetry: Meet Me Back Then

by: Melanie Sue


I was just another fixture in your living room
When I learned that not all things are built to last.

Sometimes I worry that I am only as good
as the worlds I lay to rest,
So now I am leaning in closer.
I am drowning myself in noise
To forget who is forgetting about me.

I know that I have wrapped lies
In a blanket and called it warmth,
But the truth is that we were
Two wolves in the same bed,
Each sleeping with one eye open.

I’ve come to think that
Maybe God is just the
Hole in my chest that lets in the sun
When I try burying my heart underground.

And I know that stars die all the time,
Even suns burn out eventually,
But no one would ever accuse them
Of being weak or giving up.

I know that I feel too much,
But this is how I know that I am really here.
This is how I know that real things never die,
They just change form,

They become stardust,
They become strangers,
They are reborn as something else.
I am learning to be okay with being real.
I am learning how to sleep with both eyes closed.

And I am learning how to breathe in
Slow and deep,
Knowing our strength and weakness
Lies in being built like the sun.


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