Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 11

by: In Our Words Blog


Welcome to the latest installment of Sweet and Sharp, a collection of articles, videos, and essays both poginant and hilarious.  Left leaning, Feminist, and often LGBTQueer centered, we hope you all enjoy.

First, there is the thoughtful and fierce essay on women in the directors chair and sexism in Hollywood show running; from the star of The Middle Eden Sher.

A young Zimbabwean told “American or European ‘faux humanitarian posers'” to go fuck themselves.  Erudite and eloquent, Dakarai Molommoke speaks out against the industry of white saviors.

Pride at Work and a whole host of other LGBTQ labor organizations are working to include Trans* health benefits in union priorities.

In It’s Almost Valentines Let’s Get Some news, Putin is bringing over Boyz II Men to Moscow to increase the birth rate.   So jail for Pussy Riot BUT NEW JACK SWING FOR ALL!

In Chicago news, the commute downtown will be getting more sluggish in coming months.   But this may give you more time to find to find super secret mixtapes!

Space Captain and Travel Salesman William Shatner is appalled by the homophobia, racism, and gender based violence of Reddit.

Total patriot and attendee of the State of the Union last night (after threatening to kill the President last year) Ted Nuget apparently shat himself to avoid the draft.  Now, we hate the draft/forced militarization, but for someone who posits themselves as such a badass ‘Merican– that’s a nasty shame.  His final statements are also very “I’d be like, the best at  Army and stuff, but like, I just didn’t want to.” Good job Poopy Nuget.

To make you feel better about the world, you can see these women letting the world know their power.  This is a gorgeous project and an amazing monologue

And finally, sometimes you just get tumbled through the internet and find something you never even knew you needed.  Enter a video of Maya Rudolph, the Roots, and her Prince cover band (yes Prince cover band) PRINCEss performing “Darling Nikki“.  Sweet. Mother. Of. Holiness.


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