I Made You This Mix: Tween Aged Kicks

by: Patrick Gill


There is a point in your life where it breaks, your desire to be seen as a person with musical taste, as a  cool/tough/boss person without a hint of whatever you were engendered or inculcated to dislike, note dislike more than like;  there comes a point when you stop pushing Sisyphus’s Super Hip Sound Boulder and you let it roll by, the time you just step out of the way and said fuck it.  The time you promise to, from now on, only like the stuff you like, not keep up with anything you don’t want to;  you aren’t going to pretend you like all Noise Pop (but you still like most Sonic Youth, its okay),you’re not going to pretend you know what Seapunk is (APPARENTLY IT’S SO MANY THINGS, and all on tumblr).

I’m not at that point yet.  I am twenty-three.  I still have hustle left in my ears and legs; even if I don’t really go to shows any more, I like to think I could still hold my own in a circle pit.  But I am at the point where I can admit to you that I really love quite a few songs that are not made for my demographic.  I mean songs that are made for people who were born in the year I was supposed to be listening to them in, songs for the new and magical age bracket of Tween, or maybe teen. Memes.  Texting.  iCarly.  It’s still a fight to stay relevant for me sometimes.

It’s not emasculating, well, maybe it deteriorates some of my “manhood”, but only that parts that deserve to be chipped away.

Because I am not yet ready to let that Super Hip Boulder fall I have paired these songs with what I find to be equvicoal songs, from what I feel is the coolest of genres.  Early punk and at least one Second Wave Ska song.  Yup.  Nothing is cooler than the Selecter.  That will be a pull quote, hell that will be my epitaph.

I feel like they actually complement each other, 3 minute heroes who want your feet moving, but one hands you a stick of bubble gum, and the other chews theirs and sticks it under the table.  Enjoy, move your body, feel cool and don’t give a fuck about it.

Heart A Break – Demi Lovato

We start this list with a tribute to my friend Mar Curran.  This is a song that at first was so confusing to me, so confusing that it made me grumpy. Why would you want to give my heart a break, I mean you say you don’t want to break my heart, but, I know, I know homonyms, damn it.  Just surrender to it.   Demi is a Demi-goddess.

Trash- The New York Dolls

Nothing says your gender is fucked like the Dolls.  They are just splendid.  A raw nerve is spike pumps.

Mean- Taylor Swift

I, love, this, song.  I said it.  I compare it to a sonic version of the It Gets Better campaign.  It’s got some problems, but sometimes you need something good for the moment, sometimes its great to build off of.

New Pleasure- Richard Hell and The Voidoids

And this song is the equivalent of drunk masturbating.  Richard Hell is rolling all over your floor, his shirt has holes cut and ripped in it, he might be wearing sunglasses at 5 am, but damn it he looks good.

Gotta Be You- One Direction

I refer you to my work at HEAVE if you want my opinion on One Direction/the puppy people from across the pond. They pull my heart in so many directions, so many.

In The City- The Jam

I mean, idealizing youth is dangerous, but don’t you just want to be a sauntering urbanite 20 something forever.  This song makes that happen.

Dreaming- Blondie

These fucking drums.  This is one of my jukebox staples at my favorite bar, I play it for my friend Lisa, and as soon as it starts conversation is irrelevant, for a moment—there’s just this sunny furry.

Lexicon Devil- The Germs

Remember what I said about Richard Hell, well Darby Crash would have actually had sex with me. It would have been great.  We would have been in love.  I would have gave it to him.

Party In The USA- Miley Cyrus

Remember when Rivers Cuomo was the god of aloof/vunerable dudes in sweaters, yeah, he also said he would kill for the vocal harmonies on this song.  He might rap on bad electronica tracks now, but damn it I agree.

James Bond Lives Down Our Street- The Toy Dolls

You need to know who the Toy Dolls are right now.  You need to. It’s imperative.  When you are just feeling silly as fuck, you will play them.  You will be them.

Missing Words- The Selecter

There might be an I made you this mix up later about the wonders of Ska, from cool headed 2 tone Londoners to Hyperactive plaid wearing Southern Californians, it gets a lot of flak as a genre, but its just so buoyant and freeing.  The Selecter have a steadiness about them, bundled with a lot of energy and with possibly Janelle Monae’s first incarnation,Pauline Black, leading. This song, along with Too Much Pressure are golden.  

The Undertones- Teenage Kicks

Now you get where the name comes from, eh eh, it’s a circle.  I can think of no better way to close out a mix on still wanting to be young, youth being equated with ideal/badass everything, than with Teenage Kicks.  Never caring what you think, it kicks out the jams and wails about young love.  Now if only Selena Gomez could make something like this.


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