Anyone’s Business: When We Talk About Immigration

by: In Our Words Staff


With a renewed interest from the GOP, and Presidential promises for comprehensive reform,  it seems that discussion on immigration and potential  legislation will be on the rise (immigration has been hotly debated for years, most notably in 2010 surrounding Arizona’s SB 1070, but only seems to garner national attention in cycles).

Before we enter what may be a time of bombast, it is important that we are respectful and recognize each other’s humanity.  So, what is the base level we have to start from, and how can we carry ourselves forward, in a conversation so many people charge with reductionist or racist action and rhetoric?  People still call undocumented persons “illegal”, still view other people who come to this nation as “job theives” rather than members of our society (economically, socially, culturally).  People are quick to forget their migrant ancestry, how can they be reminded, how can a conversation occur rather than a battle of soundbytes and fear?


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