Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 9

by: In Our Words Staff


Welcome to Sweet and Sharp,  a lefty, feministy, LGBTQUEERy, link round-up…y.  We comb through the internet for both interesting and funny sites, hoping a spoonful of sugar actually does help some of the medicine (or examples of misogyny/patriarchy) go down– this sugar also energizes us enough to smash those things.  If you want to share more, feel free to put them in the comments or e-mail us at inourwordsblog@gmail.com.

Hey cutie queers out there, do people ever tell you that they love seeing you and your sweetheart together, that you’re the best couple, that they like both your respective faces– separately and together.  Then you should consider submitting a high-res photo of you and your honey to The L Stop and their Cutest Queer Couple Contest.  Make sure to get it in by February 6th!

In things that make you a little dissapointed in Jezebel BUT MAKE YOU LOVE KE$HA EVEN MORE, yes even more: The site kind of snoozed it’s way through her decleration that she was queer. (“I don’t love just men. I love people. It’s not about a gender. It’s just about the spirit that exudes from that other person you’re with.” And that’s in Seventeen Magazine y’all).    I know, I know, it’s a little hard to take someone who has written about ghost sex seriously  (but seriously that’s queer too), but she is an out and proud lover of all kinds of folks, and we should be stoked on that.

In things that make you love Jezebel a little more, they let you know Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Juliane Moore are not only of the same mind on a subject, but on the objectification of women through porn and rom-coms/how you can have an unfulfilling addiction to either.  Yup.

Going back to bi and non-monosexual visibility, this meme is cheeky good fun.

Harry Potter just expelliarmus’d your Americanized insecure masculinty!

And Anna Kendrick likes to tweet about masturbation/just gave Jennifer Lawrence a run from her money as Dream Celebrity BFF  .

On a more serious note about badass women, here is a great collection of Black female directors.

And an article on Teresa Spence, a Native Canadian Chief who has been on hunger strike to protest legislation passed regarding her tribe, the Attawakispat First Nation.  She is making a stand for Canada to truly respect her nations sovereignty and to protect the Canadian wildlife.

Our friends at Heave also have won the internet, with sheer geekery and cleverness, launching a new podcast named Die Curious-– in which editors Dom and Amy, writer Quinn, and Dungeon Master Ben, take on the legendary table game and all its lore.

Finally, in Patrick’s favorite internet find– as a Classically Trained Homosexual and lover of classic stars– Allison Anders bought the record collection of Great Garbo.  She listens, researches, and writes delightful insights into taste and musings on the time these records were bought and listened to.  Squeeeee.


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