Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 8

by: In Our Words Staff

Vesta Tilley

Vesta Tilley

Welcome back to Sweet and Sharp, we are so happy to see you again.  This is a link round up that wishes to be serious and silly, you need a bit of sweet to go with the intensity of the news.  We also lean left, feminist, and Queer, who would have thunk, on this site?

In honor of the recently passed Martin Luther King, Jr Day, this made it’s way about the internet— bringing light again to the holistic methods MLK employed.  Let us remember him in his entirety as well, and not just as someone who dreamed.

And because BuzzFeed was in it’s rarest form this week, we also were given this, a push back against transmisogyny in the Feminist movement.

And this, because my knees had to somehow become weaker.  Seriously, BuzzFeed was both real and delicious.

A blind man explains to people with sight the ridiculous ways people try to describe color, the way he interprets what he has heard of color, and gives you a momentary deconstruction of how you literally see the world.   My favorite statement: “I know nothing rhymes with [orange]…way to go orange, way to be involved in poetry and song.”

Feast your eyes on this dapper Victorian King, Vesta Tilley.

And another lovely English Lady, Nigella Lawson, refuses to allow ad executives to airbrush her slight stomach out of ads.

The Sundance Institute conducts a study on what women are doing in film and what still needs to be done.

Rachel Dratch, star of Patrick’s optimistic dreams about his future (playing the role of Reason and Rightness),  takes a Rob-stacle course in stride (you’ll see).  Proof that this woman needs more screen time, anywhere, everywhere.

Caperton of Feministe hands Congress their New Year’s Resolutions.

And finally, remember those people who doubted Beyonce; REMEMBER WHEN THEY WERE COMPLETELY WRONG?  Praise Bey!


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