Original Plumbing Online: Help us move forward! – An Indiegogo Campaign

by: The Qu


Original Plumbing Needs Your Help!  Hi, we are Amos Mac and Rocco Katastrophe and together we edit and publish Original Plumbing, a trans male culture print magazine that launched in San Francisco in the Fall of 2009. A year after the quarterly magazine was born we launched OP Online at originalplumbing.com featuring daily bloggers, first-person narratives, exclusive work from award-winning trans* writers you can’t find in our print editions, photo galleries and most recently the “Talk About It” video campaign to share solutions around isolation around depression within the LGBTQ community.

In the past few years our website has turned dusty, grey and broken. It is disorganized, not sustainable, increasingly harder to find articles and has major video embedding issues. It does not do justice to the writers who have spent their energy writing for OP over the years. It is because of your interest and support that OP has grown bigger than the size of its tank! We need help tearing down the old OP website and rebuilding it from scratch — keeping all of our articles, user comments and galleries in tact while expanding and updating in a major way! This is where you come in. We have listened to your feedback and are making huge changes for our website and online community. We need your help to relaunch OP online v3.0! Help us afford a more inclusive, organized and aesthetically pleasing website that works!

Click here to donate!


Note: This originally was published on The Qu, you can view the original here.


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