Impact Chicago’s White Paper: A Healthy Chicago for LGBT Youth

by: Impact Chicago

IMPACT Program

Just over one month ago, the IMPACT Program at Northwestern University released a report entitled, A Healthy Chica­go for LGBT Youth: An IMPACT Program White Paper on Health Disparities in Chicago’s LGBT Youth. The aim of this report is to document the health disparities of Chicago’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth in Chicago within many of the health domains addressed in the Healthy Chicago Agenda, which seeks to make our city a healthy place to live and grow.


Our analyses revealed disparities across mental, physical, and sexual health domains.  Among our findings, compared to their heterosexual peers:


                 LGBT youth were more likely to report depression and depressive symptoms, previous suicide attempts,

                       and non-suicidal self-injury.

                 LGBT youth were more likely to report vomiting to lose weight and male-born youth were more likely to

                       report being underweight.

                 LGBT youth were more likely to report sexual risk behaviors and a deficit in HIV education; female-born

                       youth were more likely to report a teen pregnancy.

                 LGBT youth were more likely to report using tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana.

                 LGBT youth were more likely to report experiences of sexual violence, dating violence, and victimization.


The report concludes by highlighting the role of social support in buffering many of these outcomes and includes addi­tional recommendations for addressing each of these disparities.


The IMPACT Program is proud to share this report with you via our website. Part of our mission is to partner with com­munities in the translation of research into practice and we hope that these data may shape future policy, service, and research efforts. Please let us know if you have questions about our White Paper, would like to schedule a meeting to dis­cuss our findings, or would like to learn about other presentations, trainings, and workshops that we may offer you and your constituents.


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