Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 7

by: In Our Words Staff


This week in racism, Anthropologie goes for the kitschy gold.

Meanwhile, Colin Powell goes for the jugular, or rather, the “dark vein of racism”.  Hell yes, sir.

And instead of selling something, these Brooklyn billboards are inform public.

A New York teacher was fired for being transgendered, as the prinicipal considers it “worse than (being) gay”; because you have to hate as many people as possible, and rank that hatred.  Luckily people are outraged and petitioning, we want to know who thought saying the person was fired for completely “non-discriminatory reasons” was fooling anyone?

Department of  Housing and Urban Development fights to a settlement for a lesbian couple.

In a moment that makes Patrick want to actually start watching Girls, Lesley at xojane deftly handles peoples criticisms of Lena Dunham’s nudity.

And this makes Patrick feel more like this.

If you are trying to stay fit in this new year, The L Stop has some pro tips.  They also offer some facts about Ovarian and Breast Cancer.

Also, our loves over at The Qu have started The Qucast! Listen to them gab about the Golden Globes.

Finally, Rachel Maddow beautifully eulogizes PFLAG founder Jeanne Manford— making me a public cryer.


One response to “Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 7

  1. Every single person, male or female — though unfortunately to different degrees — is being conditioned to believe that how our bodies look matter more than what we can do with them and, even having never seen that show or even heard of it, I feel as if Lena Dunham has to continue making the point that what she does with her body is more powerful (and even more sexy! more artful!) than the shape of the body. And who said it was a bad shape? Not me.
    –the picture of her, perfectly comfortable eating cake in the buff, was the definitive statement. There is no answer for that, as far as I am concerned: that was complete prowess in action.

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