Janie Stamm’s “Archipelago: Lost Islands of the Atlantic” Exhibit

by: In Our Words Staff
 Archipelago: The Lost Islands of the Atlantic Exhibit, a never before seen expedition featuring relics, specimens, curiosities and other worldly spectacles chronicled by natural historian, sequin queen, artist and printmaker, Janie Stamm. Opening January 18th at AdventureLand Gallery in Chicago, this show encourages viewers to explore their own islands—the thoughts, feelings, and places that have yet to be discovered in their own minds and the material world.

It was a humid spring evening when Janie Stamm was brought into the world. She grew up in the everglades, surrounded by all things wild and exotic. She received her BFA in both printmaking and animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her artwork is a reflection of all of the brain juices pumping through her mind. These juices are composed of strange and unusual beasts. She spends most of her time drawing creatures and exploring local woodlands. Her artwork has been shown in galleries in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia and is featured on the SCAD website. She is a member of Southern Graphics Council International an received an emerging artist award a 2012 and is represented by Kai Lin Art.


Adventure, fortune and wisdom await the willing viewer as they explore the remains of hidden lands through installation works, cartographic portraits, felt replicants and an illustrative series.
Archipelago: The Lost Islands of the Atlantic is the first in a series of interactive experiences for exceptional gallery participants. Grab a map at the door and find your way to treasured delights for your private collections.
Again Friday, January 18th, 1513 N. Western, Chicago, IL, 7-10 PM, all ages welcome.  Beer, wine, treasures and light refreshments will be provided.  Gallery is not ADA accessible.
Editor’s Note: Janie Stamm is a good friend of the site, her work is intricate, engaging, and stretches the imagination as wide as your grin when viewing them.  As a member of the Subject to Change collective she is a part of a monthly queer dance party, in which all donations collected go to various LGBTQueer non-profits across Chicago;  she has also donated her work to the silent auction at We Are Halsted, in which all proceeds went to The Night Ministry.  Her graciousness and heart are abounding, if you cannot make it to her show (the only excuse being incapacitated by sickness or being out of the city) please see her work at janiestamm.com.

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