Sweet and Sharp, Volume 6

by: In Our Words Staff


This is Sweet and Sharp, its both serious and silly, well maybe more fun than silly.  We like to bring together digital dispatches with LGBTQ and Feminist leanings, both the incisive and the optimistic.  If you have anything else you would like to add, comment it below or e-mail us at inourwordsblog@gmail.com.

Starting off with some interesting thoughts on femme invisibility and the concept of femme privilege.

Actions across America rose up in front of and in TransCanada offices and other contractors of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Though it comes from last month, this article from Kate Sosin of the Windy City Times still resonates;  it is their descriptions police treatment to trans* people in Chicago.  

In better Chicago news, you all I am sure either are or know a lovely lesbian or ten.  Now you can nominate them for The L Stop’s Top Ten Lesbians to Look Out For in 2013.

One of those ladies from last year, Fawzia Mirza, is also working to start production on the second season of her web series Kam Kardashian.  Yes, that is exactly what you were thinking, if you were thinking about a glossy butch being disowned from the Kardashian Klan who is now trying to claw her way back to stardom.  Delicious.

As for people we all pray for getting a reality show, Joe Biden, sweet mother of holiness, Joe Biden.

David Bowie, space alien dreamboat and living legend, turned 66 and announced he will be releasing his first album in a decade this year (as well as touring).  Okay, I am done weeping with joy.

Facebook has taken down a page that posted information about rumoured to be and actual homosexuals in Uganda.

A Northern California Boy Scout troop approves the application for Eagle Scout from a gay youth, hell yes.

And in Denver, religious leaders from across the Abrahamic tradition came together to make ads that combat the vile  islamophobic ones seen in New York last year.


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