25 Things To Do This Summer That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

by: Molly Geoghegan

Summer is hands-down my favorite season.  But as you get older, you are given more responsibility during the summer and less free time.  There are less swimming lessons and more life lessons.  While summer cannot always mean “summer vacation” like it did in elementary school, here are some things that are sure to bring back childhood memories of the best time of year.

1. Run through sprinklers.  I don’t care where you are or what you’re wearing, this is the epitome of spontaneous fun.

2. Eat popsicles.  Specifically, eat “Otter Pops”.  Other names might include “Freeze Pops” or “Flavor Ice”, but they’re all essentially the same sugared treats frozen into a skinny plastic sleeve.  Save most of the juice at the bottom until the end and then slurp it out obnoxiously.

3. Jump on a trampoline.

4. Go to the pool and drink a Capri Sun.  Then, blow air back into the juice pouch and squeeze your used CO2 into friends’ faces.

5. Hop across every hopscotch you encounter.

6. Listen to Aaron Carter’s “Summertime” featuring The Baha Men.  If “Call Me Maybe” didn’t fit the bill for your summer theme song, this just might do the trick.

7. Take naps.

8. Drink from the hose…and then wash out your mouth.

9. Camp in your own backyard.

10. Make s’mores.

11. Have a scavenger hunt throughout Wal-Mart.  Be those kids.

12. Share secrets with friends in the dark and then make pinky-promises never to tell.

13. Have a squirt gun fight.

14. Refuse to come inside for dinner.

15. Pretend you’re a dolphin, whale, mermaid, or other imaginary creature of the sea while swimming around in the pool.  Don’t act like you’ve never done this before.

16. Try not to be too creepy doing it, but read in the kids’ section in the library.

17. Do cartwheels in an open field.  Not as easy as it used to be, huh?

18. Stop at every lemonade stand you see and always pay a little more than what they’re charging.  Maybe even start your own stand featuring a “spiked” beverage choice for the older ladies of the neighborhood.

19. Sit on your porch and listen to the crickets.

20. Play flashlight tag.  I have faith this is still really fun.

21. Drive with the windows down, even if you just did your hair.

22. Build a fort.

23. Wake up late and eat breakfast and lunch within the same hour.  So what if I still do this?

24. Enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass.

25. Lay on a blanket and make shapes out of the clouds.  Never stop doing this.

Molly Geoghegan is a sophomore studying Media and Cinema at DePaul University.  She spends most of her time making unnecessary lists, knitting, watching movies, writing things and is forever in search of the perfect pair of jeans.  You can find her on Twitter at @mollygeoghegan or on her blog, http://mollygeoghegan.blogspot.com/.


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